Boston, Massachusetts, October 2006

Boston was an interesting city. I quite enjoyed riding the "T" (tram/subway train) to get around various parts of downtown.I remember being amazed at the sheer number of Dunkin Donuts franchises everywhere. I also remember how if you were not careful, some cashiers would secretly short change you. When it happened to me more than three times, I realized a trend and counted my change to the last penny like a hawk. I liked the Boston Common with its ducks waddling around, Sommerville, Views from the top of the Prudential (?) Tower, and my favorite was this Charles River cruise with family. Sadly, one member of said family has since passed on, so memories of this trip are bittersweet. Life is short, folks, make the most of it and get right with God before it's too late. Once we step into that coffin there's no coming back.

  Deep Ellum, Dallas Texas, around 2005.

Back when I was a drinker. I remember getting this bright idea to rent a car and drive across three states to experience the "party life" I had heard about in Dallas, Texas. Yep, young and dumb I was back then. Big mistake. It was on this trip that I vowed I would never go on any road trip that took more than 3 hours to complete, unless someone else was doing the driving! Funnily enough, after all these years, this rule still applies to me. After an hour or two behind the wheel, my foot was already sore, the songs on the radio became monotonous and driving wasn't fun anymore. With delays and stopovers, I remember the journey taking about 8 hours. Back then, Deep Ellum came highly recommended as the must-visit party zone. I remember there being lots of young people and fellow immigrants milling around waiting to get into clubs and bars. I partied all night, got drunk as a skunk, and didn't find much else of interest to do here. Was driving out of town headed to Houston on this foggy morning that followed. I've never been back to Dallas ever since.